10 Best Marketplaces for College Students to Make Extra Cash

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College students are always looking for ways to make extra cash, whether it’s covering the cost of pizza and beer or paying down their student loans faster. Online marketplaces provide a great way to find part-time work without having to deal with annoying recruiters or a lengthy application process. Here are 10 of the best marketplaces that college students can use to find work without sacrificing the rest of their time.

1) What are these marketplaces?

Having a lot of books and not interested in carrying them around while you travel? Sell your books on websites like Amazon or Chegg. You can also buy used books at sites like Better World Books, which gives a portion of its revenue back to literacy programs in need. And if you’re more interested in clothes than books, try selling your designer duds on Poshmark, Tradesy or Threadflip. For music lovers, ReverbNation lets musicians sell their CDs and MP3s online.

2) Amazon
As a Prime member, you’ll receive free two-day shipping on millions of items and exclusive access to deals. It’s a no-brainer. Learn More Sign Up Today’s Student Deal Amazon is offering students $5 in credit when they sign up for Amazon Prime using their .edu email address. They also offer student discounts on select products like textbooks, electronics and more! Click here to see what’s available now!

3) Ebay
If you’re comfortable buying used items, eBay can be a great resource. However, it can also be very time-consuming and is not necessarily a safe way to make money. It’s best if you have cash on hand when purchasing inventory as it can be difficult getting paid through eBay. Research potential items to sell thoroughly before listing and never get into bidding wars with other users or purchase similar products at drastically different prices because they aren’t worth your time.

4) Etsy
If you have any kind of handcrafted goods to sell, Etsy is a great marketplace to do so. The site takes 3.5% of every sale, and buying on Etsy is completely risk-free. If you sign up as an individual seller, you’ll be able to set your own shipping rates or even post free shipping offers. If your products are in high demand, you could potentially earn hundreds of dollars a month just by selling on Etsy!

5) Flippa
With over $100 million in sales transacted on Flippa, it’s safe to say that selling online businesses is a very popular practice. If you have an online business or know of one that could be turned into a successful marketplace model, head over to Flippa and see what kind of bids are out there. You might just find your next big payday.

6) Decluttr
Buy or sell unwanted CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, books, games and other media. You can use Decluttr to trade in physical items you don’t want anymore—like that box of books collecting dust—for Amazon gift cards. Or you can use it as a paid peeling service: Trade in your stuff and get an Amazon gift card in return.

7) Upwork
Upwork is a website that connects businesses with freelance workers, from graphic designers and illustrators to software developers and photographers. The company just released its first report, Freelancing in America: 2017; it found that 63 million Americans are making money as freelancers, representing 34% of U.S. workers. Additionally, nearly two-thirds (64%) of full-time freelancers make at least $75,000 per year. If you’re looking for some side work during your college years or are hoping to break into freelance work after graduation, there’s likely no better place than Upwork!

8) Fiverr
Task-based marketplace where you can get tasks completed in just about any way imaginable, from web design, to logo creation, video editing and online research. Fiverr acts as a middleman between sellers and buyers by allowing each person or company to offer one service at $5 per project. The great thing about Fiverr is that it’s not limited just to students – anyone with an idea can sign up and begin selling.

9) Listia
Getting more stuff is great, but most of us have trouble parting with what we have. Enter Listia, a website that lets you trade things you don’t want anymore with other people online. Once you do decide to unload something, post it on Listia and wait for a buyer.

10) TaskRabbit
TaskRabbit is a marketplace that connects people with errands and odd jobs that need doing. If you have a little extra time or energy to help someone out, browse through what’s available in your area. Chances are you’ll be able to find someone who needs help moving or wants their house cleaned. It might not be some big life-changing experience, but it’s one way to make money and get yourself known around town! (Plus, there’s an app so you can do everything from your phone.) Just don’t forget to be nice—it’s a great way to build up your client base.
When I was younger I used to babysit for my neighbors quite often. They had two boys about 5 years old and another about 3 years old. The oldest boys were very active which meant I was on my feet running after them all day long! Now when I think back about how much I got paid for babysitting those kids all of $15 per hour (and that was 20 years ago) it makes me laugh because now if I babysat at least one of those boys would probably still be in college while paying me minimum wage by today’s standards!

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