10 Useful Student Study Apps

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10 Useful Student Study Apps
10 Useful Student Study Apps

When you are studying for a given subject, the first thing that comes to your minds is actually the books, the research material or any other study guide that has been used in previous studies. But then there are few apps out there which can assist with different aspects of studying such as calculator, timer, etc. And here are some useful student study applications which you need to install on your phone and work on them regularly to get a better understanding of what they have to offer.

1) ClassIQs – This app helps students to organize their study by providing all the information related to different subjects so that it becomes easy to find the right direction that will lead you to success. The app features more than 50 modules like maths, physics, English, chemistry, biology, computer science, etc. The students can download this app from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The app supports over 15 languages including Spanish, Russian and Hindi. It also has pre-loaded lessons for the students. ClassIQs is available as both an Android & iOS app.

2) CourseMatch – If you want to improve the knowledge in one field while you are struggling to understand another subject in school, then coursemate helps you to connect all the dots between different areas. It provides interactive answers with an intuitive learning platform that enables students to learn at their own pace. Students can also check the progress of their studies with weekly quizzes. Apart from being available as an IOS & iPad app, coursemate makes itself accessible by web browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

3) DailyStudy – This app provides a high level overview of how each section matters to the final exam, giving the most important facts about the topic that can help us prepare well for our exams. With real time updates, users can go through the topics and stay updated with how they are improving along with the questions. Along with practical content, “Study Notes” is provided which helps students to manage their notes effectively. Moreover, Daily Study offers video tutorials (100+), practice tests and study resources for free, eBooks, access to live classes, videos, etc. For more info or support, visit dailystudy.co.in/

4) StudyHub – There are many study tools out there today like Aspirium, PowerIQ, Quizlet, etc. but not everyone can use these. The only way to get them is by paying money through subscription plans or buying individual components of the software. But, if your budget does not allow that, then you can always avail yourself to these free features from this app of mine which you need to install on your smartphone and work on! It consists of many different plugins like flash cards, dictionary, brain games, etc. You can also use its library of thousands of articles to get things such as exercises, study guides, tutorials, etc.

5) MathZoo – If you are struggling to understand a math problem in your life or just want some extra help with solving a particular topic, this is the best application for you. Based on simple examples, it provides quick answers to common problems. It also tells the problems where mistakes were made so that your mind has something more realistic in mind. Mathematics is taught with much higher probability when compared to any other subject because most of students do not try hard enough. However, knowing a basic equation/solution will give you an idea of how complex the real world is. The key features of this application include: real time calculations, automatic answers, drag and drop, calculators, instant answer, flashcards, brain games, reminders, reminders, puzzles, and more. Not only this, but Mathzoo integrates with several apps like Flipkart, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Myntra and more! To know more, download MathZoo from Play Store or Play-On.

6) BrainTap – One of the finest applications to keep all the interesting bits from various sources and make them into a single place for discussion or learning. BrainTap is a unique tool which allows the user to tap images and words which are related to the given topic or topic and link up those images to the corresponding text/phrase, which would be helpful in getting the attention. All the information is organized in a single interface in order to let people find it easily. Along with that, the application has a visual way of looking at it and can be seen on different devices such as desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Some excellent features offered in BrainTap are: multi-tasking, multiple reading modes, focus, multi language support, image recognition and categorization, etc. You can get the latest version of BrainTap for iOS and Android (free and paid).

7) StudyBub – Another brilliant solution to take your academic journey by storm! Studyn’Bub is an online community and a website where all kinds of topics related to studying are discussed at your doorstep. In addition to that, the members of this forum are highly skilled experts in their respective domains and share all their thoughts with you. Anyone with an interest in any subject across the globe can join the forum through their unique email id. Along with that, topics discussed on this forum are usually based on current or historical events of the past or present times. So, you can stay updated and updated on new developments related to your topic and stay engaged with the discussions like what kind of study materials you should choose, how to tackle every question on the ground, etc.

8) Aptor – One of the top online platforms for teachers who want to provide complete lessons for students without being biased towards any section of education. They have already delivered courses in mathematics, French, history, economics, chemistry, psychology, etc. Along with that, teachers can create custom lesson plans for their students and share them with anyone across the globe. Teachers can set their prices based on the number of hours of teaching, the number of students, etc. Apart from that, it can also serve the needs of professional development courses like self-paced design, UX Design, SEO, UI/UX, Agile Development, Cloud Development, Digital Marketing. Furthermore they have a large collection of resources for teachers to use, ranging from white papers, guides and reference guides to expert advice. Apart from this, they even have a blog series along with a plethora of educational resources. To get access to their full range of services, open a chat with them on Telegram.

9) Stacker – As we just mentioned earlier, a repository is required for storing all the stuff related to the study and organizing every related resource into a specific category. Most of the student’s study material has this sort of format on it, but the truth is that the same stuff must be stored somewhere else and when they search for a certain area, they end up on a long list of various links for the same. So, by using Stacker, everything gets categorized according to the topic in the search result. Nowadays, with tons of sites having millions of posts, it takes lot of efforts to get what you need. Now days, you can finally browse thousands of repositories and compare everything you find to your requirements, making the job even easier. To add to that, it is possible to start the account on the site and then upload a bunch of files to it. As soon as everything is uploaded, you can begin searching for anything you like, then move onto the next file.

10) PaperMinder – This is one of the great features offered by my favorite study tools i.e. paperminder. It is a great program for taking notes by clicking pictures and adding them for later reference. Here are a few things which you can integrate with the application from this page. 1. Record your ideas in a tabbed document

2. Create your own collage

3. Drawing diagrams

4. Choose any photograph to highlight

5. Use zoom feature to enlarge the picture

6. Add music

7) Anywhere Learning – This can be downloaded from Playstore for free. Its main objective should be to promote independent learning and encourage the youth that there are plenty of opportunities for career growth at schools and colleges. Since this tool was developed, it has now become the leading source and authority for digital learning for classrooms everywhere. An extension to bring this concept to the classroom is called AnyWhere Learning. It is a free and easy to use app that gives you lots of exciting possibilities to enhance your skills. Some features used by this app are:

8) Microsoft Edge – No matter what type of operating system you have, you need to have something that goes beyond the browser. That’s why there are quite many websites created to replace the default web pages. But for those who don’t feel that too much trouble in replacing it, another option is Edge which is a browser based application developed by Microsoft. Along with that, it is also compatible with the Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Explorer, etc. It is basically similar to MS office, which means that with the help of Microsoft Edge, you can easily edit or draw whatever you want on a web page or modify the existing HTML code with ease. The primary objective of this app is not to show you how to use it but rather to provide you with a great platform by letting you customize your experience. Along with that, this application lets you change the colors, resize images or add cool effects to your web pages. So, without further ado, download the App from play store or play-on.

9) Evernote – From the class notebooks, to mails, meetings, etc. it becomes difficult to organise all the essential things in one place and in this scenario of ours, keeping everything separately in one place can prove to be tricky. However, Evernote solves our purpose by allowing all the essential data related to a topic and keeps them in one point. Along with that, the application

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